My Journey

Pernah bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang juruterbang wanita pertama Malaysia, tetapi sangat mencintai dan ingin mendalami ilmu biologi, namun telah dipanggil untuk menyahut cabaran dalam bidang seni bina walaubagaimanapun telah ditakdirkan menyambung kehidupan sebagai mahasiswi kejuruteraan elektrik-elektronik ketika ini. [3rd year survivor of electrical & electronic engineering student]


Behind the scene

In the name of Allah the most Gracious and the most Merciful.

It was five years back, if I still remember AH blog was created. Thanks to one of my best friend, SR for introducing me to this wonderful world. I used to write anonymously at first because I decided to use AH world for the sake of exposing all my hidden world which I don't couldn't show to anyone in real life. But, then once ago, I tried to reveal myself to AH world, however I found the fact that revealing myself to the world that full of unknown people made AH Blog less unique and has no specialty anymore. So, I changed my mind back and I would've keep myself ground and keep my real life low. 

Over five years, I met quite a lot of readers; some left their comments, some sending me an email, some give positive feedback, some sharing their thoughts, some throw good advise and some other I couldn't have enough to name it, that was truly coloring and cheering up my AH world and somehow it really influence my real world too.

Why Arkitek Hati? Because I am the architect of my own life, my own journey and my own dream. No one can decide what I want to be except Allah subahanallah. And this life and journey, is nothing more than a love story. Between me and Allah. Nothing more! Every person, every experience, every gift, every pain, every loss is sent to my path for only one reason: to bring me back to Allah.

Same goes to you. You are the architect of your own life. No one can decide what you want to be except Allah ta'ala. Be true and be what you want to be. Set your own goal and fly high!

The truth is, I am absolutely not a good writer as well as storyteller. So, that is the ultimate reason why AH world was born. This world isn't for perfect people but it is for people who are trying to be someone better- day by day, inch by inch. And this AH world is also for those who always want to see every cloud has a silver lining in their life.

We know no matter how long it has to take, as long as we want to move and improve we believe there will be some hopes waiting us ahead to be a better person. InsyaAllah

While life hits us damn hurt, lets just smile and be brave to walk through the pain and dance in a rain because bad things were never last forever. We are not created to be a loser but a warrior in our own way.