Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Shampoo M'blica is the solution for hair loss

Today I want to share one of good product that I have used for three months to everyone who has same problem like me.

Hair fall is a real struggle for everyone in this world, no matter either you are man or woman, this hair fall fall is our enemy and out biggest insecurity.

But, a lot of people out there still didn't found the best solution and suitable product to cure their problem. Yea, I had the same problem like guys but not until I met with this organic product- M'blica shampoo.

Alhamdulillah, this shampoo is working on me. Before this, I had tried a lot of other product in market, some of them even gave bad condition to my hair and I almost wanted to give up.

Until my auntie suggested me to this organic shampoo.

For the first month, i am using this shampoo with serum, it is from same brand. The serum used to repair my hair root. And I used the serum and shampoo everyday. In one month I can see the different. My hair loss is lesser than usual. My head didn't felt itchy since then. So after the serum run out, I just used the shampoo solely.

Now, its already three month, and I already repeat the order and get the new one. Alhamdulillah. I am satisfied with the product. My honest review, even though the result is quite late from other product i market but I think organic product is the safest solution for me. I am saying this because, I had nightmare with the previous product so this might influence my perception.

However, what might good for me would not work with some other people. So, it is just my honest review, okey.

So whoever have tried this product, please rise you hands up! ✋🏻  


Lunch at Sushi King for Bonanza Offer

This is not paid advertisment. This is just my honest review.

Today me and my friends went to sushi king to have our lunch. This is my second time. I love cute tiny food! Because it is easy for me to munch at one shoot. Yummieeeee.

So, today sushi king have offer, every plate costs RM3.18 included GST. So, you can eat as many as you want until you tummy become bloated.

So, these are some of my dishes. And the peak of happiness was the dessert. I had Durian Ice Cream Mochi. The taste was superbb. Blurp!

But, the best part of everything is having quality time with my friends who gonna finish their internship very soon. Knowing them is one of my favorite memories throughout my practical journey. Hope, they will be doing great and finish their degree with flying color (of course, insyaAllah)


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The basic thing you have to know about coffee

Just now, I scroll up my facebook and something did catch my attention. So, I think it is good to share here. As you might knowing, I am the coffeholic lady who might be seated next to you wanna share basic all the coffeeholic lover should know. Weeeheeehehehehe.

However, to be truth, I sometime got confused. Most of the urban cafe, got hipster names for the coffee they served, but actually it is the common coffee I've consumed. Neayy. (Confusing is a mess)

But, it's okey. The name doesn't matter, as long as the taste just get along with my type. Iamokey! Heeehehehe.

Well good night everyone!
Sleep tight


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Internship experience is a bliss

I still remember the first day I came to HUKM for my internship training. It was two months ago. That was the most sweaty day in my life. (You don't know how I was swimming with my own sweat!) I had to run here and there just to find where traffic department and how to get to human resource department and where is on the earth they placed radiology department in such huge hospital.

Not to mention, how many time I got to the wrong place because of people whom I asked for direction gave me such a helpful hints for a noob first-timer person like me (please don't say to me like - Jalan terus then below kiri, if there have a lots of kiri. You need to be specific which kiri did you mean about)

I had to go to different buildings for different purposes and I needed to wait the super slow lift on this earth (maybe it happened when you felt exhausted). And after waiting patiently, then the lift was full. Ergh. 

Why now?

I had to take stairs and only God knows how I am bathing with my own sweats!

Just a little bit.
I monologue.

I keep walking. And try to build up my motivation back. Switching smile with people around me. I needed positive aura.

After settling few documents, I went to radiology department. The place where I was assigned to. I looked for my supervisor to reporting myself. If you ever come to radiology department in HUKM, you will know this department is located at the end of the world. It's so far away!

I wandered around for few minutes, trying to distinguish which one the staff working there. I needed to ask people. Then, I came to a middle aged lady, she is wearing HUKM tags. She might be a staff, I guessed.

AH: Salam, tumpang tanya. Dimana says nak lapor diri untuk internship trainee?
Lady: Student mana?
Lady: Course apa?
AH: ee engineering
Lady: Kenapa engineering buat praktikal kat hospital? Saya rasa awak tak akan belajar banyak kat sini nanti.
AH: Erk. Owh. yeke

ON MY FIRST DAY of internship training, I got an unpleasant feedback from staff here - where we didn't even have any proper introduction to each other and yet she already predicted what kind of journey I would be walking through. I will not learn much??

After going such a tiring day from early in the morning until noon, running here and day. This very unmotivated welcomimg greeting somehow, it ruined my day. 

No. It ruined my WHOLE WEEK. I felt down to be honest. How can she gave such prediction to my own journey? How did she know I would not learned much here? I keep questioning her in my own self.

I try to naturalize myself. 

I might be too emotional. 

Maybe she's speechless when knowing future engineer walking down to the road and passing at the same street as they are. She might be worried about me because I would feel lonely because I would surrounded by different background of people, she might thinking I couldn't adapt with this new atmosphere. Hmm. She cared about me laa.

She was trying being nice and heartwarming.

The whole week, I tried to naturalize myself by saying those words. I just don't want to be drowned with negative thoughts. 

Starting from second week, my journey at HUKM became brighter and amazing. 

And now, I almost finish my journey as practical student. Today, I can deny what the middle aged lady had said to me. She is totally wrong from the very beginning.

I learn so much much much things here. And the most important things, I am not only learn, but I'd created so much memories too. And making new friends is the biggest extra gifts.

Well, dammmpppp. You've wronged!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ibu dan abah adalah harta bagi seorang 'aku'

Harta yang paling tidak ternilai harganya didunia ini selepas agama adalah ibu bapa. Kenapa? Tanpa ibu bapa, kita tidak mungkin berada disini.

Alhamdulillah, aku dikurniakan ibu bapa yang sangat menyayangi pada aku dan juga adik beradik yang lain. Allah.. rasa sukar nak gambarkan perasaan ini. Ibu dan abah adalah nikmat terbesar yang Allah kurniakan pada aku dan sering kali aku lupa mensyukuri nikmat yang satu ini.

Ibu dan abah adalah permata yang tidak mungkin akan dapat diganti dengan apa-apa yang ada didunia ini. Tidak mungkin.

Dahulu, aku pernah melawati rumah anak yatim. Satu perkara yang aku paling tersentuh adalah bila aku melihat wajah-wajah mereka, hati aku terdetik..

'Kalau diorang sedih, pada siapa diorang hendak mengadu?'

'Kalau diorang memerlukan duit untuk beli barang keperluan mereka, pada siapa diorang nak minta wang saku?'

'Kalau mereka merindu untuk dipeluk oleh tangan seorang ayah atau seorang ibu, pada siapa diorang hendak memberitahu rasa mereka?'


Aku semua ada
Aku semua dapat
Bila aku fikir semula
Betapa kurangnya aku bersyukur
atas kehadiran dan keberadaan ibu dan abah ku disisiku selama ini

Aku ada ibu
tempat aku mengadu
tempat aku meluah rasa
tempat aku merujuk
tempat aku menjadikan panduan
tempat aku mempelajari selok belok kehidupan

Aku ada abah
tempat aku berlindung
tempat aku minta pertolongan
tempat aku minta rujukan
tempat aku bersandar
tempat aku mendewasakan diri

Aku ada mereka
Sedangkan mungkin ramai orang diluar sana tidak memiliki apa yang aku miliki
Sedangkan mungkin ramai orang diluar sana tidak senasib dengan aku
Sedangkan mungkin ramai orang diluar sana tidak dilahirkan dalam keluarga seperti aku

Aku rasa aku sangat kurang bersyukur
Jika suatu hari nanti Allah mengambil mereka semula dariku tanpa sempat aku mensyukuri dan menghargai kehadiran mereka..
Amat malang dan celakalah aku...

Sempatkan aku untuk membalas jasa mereka
Berilah peluang padaku menjadi asbab kesyurganya mereka
Jadikan aku anak yang berbakti pada mereka sehingga akhir hayat mereka

Biarlah aku tidak jadi siapa-siapa didunia ini, asalkan aku adalah harta dan jambatan mereka ke syurga

Jangan biarkan aku lupa akan jasa-jasa mereka
Jangan pernahkan ia berlaku

Aku memerlukan mu
Untuk mengingatkan ku
Atas kehadiran mu
Dan kehadiran mereka dalam hidupku

Allah redhailah mereka
Cintailah mereka
Bangunkan mahligai yang indah buat mereka disyurga firdausmu, mahligai yang dekat dengan mu dan kekasihmu


Monday, August 14, 2017

Favorite Korean Instant Coffee

I am coffeeholic lady who might being seated next to you, enjoying sipping my cup of coffee alone at urban cafe and never care less about people around because I'd been travelling to another world of mine with just a cup of coffee in my hand.

I like to try different type of coffees listed on menu board but somehow, most of the time, I turn out order the same type of coffee. (It's very tempting to try all!)

Coffee is my therapy when I got headache or when I feel gloomy. I need strong taste to boast my energy and fix up my hormone back. So far, this one is perfectly suit and work for me.

But when I got stress, my therapy is travelling or going out to the place I've never been or take one or two hours driving to nowhere and get lost in unfamiliar place.

Or just calling my mom. (She is a super good therapist)

No need for shopping or any entertainment like watching movie or karaoke. To be honest, I don't really like to go to places with so many people, crowded, or too much noise. It gives me more stress. (But, I like being surrounded by my friends and having non-stop chatting and laughing.)

Back to coffee topic, these days, I like to drink this one instant coffee that my mom bought it from Korea, MAXIM if I'm not spell it wrongly. The packaging looks like coffee 3-IN-1 Nestle, but for me the flavor is much better. The savor is good and ideal to my taste. Not too thick and not too light - it just in the middle.

Normally, I don't prefer instant coffee, but for MAXIN I can go with it. We are best friend now. Hooyeahh. 

Whenever I can't afford to enjoy a cup of coffee at urban cafe because I am on budgeting. This one is good enough to satisfy my coffeeholic's desire.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Masjid Cina Negeri Melaka

Yesterday, me and my parents and my sister, POH visited my brother at KMM. It was a long journey to get there. Because, Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan was super jammed. The cars moved very slow. We needed to change our route last minute.

Then, we had to drop by at Poslaju Centre Alor Gajah to get my brother's parcel because they misplaced it. It is important parcel to him. He supposed to get the parcel a day after it been posted but hmm never mind thing already happened.

My brother already waited us, we had our late lunch at his cafe, chatting a little bit while, then we continued our journey to my mom's hometown. Whenever we went to Malacca, we would sleepover one night at my grandma's house.

On the way to my grandma's house, we got the chance to stop by at Masjid Cina Negeri Melaka for minutes. Masjid Cina Negeri Melaka (MCMN) is Chinese-style mosque located at Krubong, Melaka. It is a beautiful mosque. The scenery is so peaceful.

If you ever come to Malacca, please get the chance to stop by here. And do two rakaat of sunnah prayer. The place is amazing and very calming.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Confusion phase. Help me!

Aku tak pernah tahu siapakah orang-orang yang membaca blog ini. Aku juga tidak tahu siapakah orang-orang yang mengikuti blog since dari ia lahir sehingga ke hari ini. Yang cuma aku tahu blog ini ada 'viewer'nya. So, untuk viewer(s) blog ini, semoga sentiasa dalam rahmat dan kasih sayang Allah. Semoga apa yang tercoret memberi manfaat terutamanya buat yang sedang menaip ini, seterusnya untuk yang sedang membaca. Hai awak :-)

Hari ini aku bersyukur sangat kerana dengan adanya tulisan-tulisan yang pernah aku pamerkan disini banyak menjadi asbab aku gigih meneroka dunia ini dan sabar menyelami diri aku sendiri. It is not easy to understand what we want because as human we want all.

Aku mungkin mewakili satu dalam 18 juta manusia di muka bumi ini, yang punya terlalu banyak soalan, yang punya terlalu banyak kekurangan, yang punya terlalu banyak masa kejatuhan, yang terlalu banyak rebel dengan tuhan. Tetapi,betapa sayang yang tuhan pada aku, setiap persoalan aku dijawab tepat pada masanya, setiap kekurangan aku ditutup dengan kasih sayangNya, setiap masa kejatuhan aku diangkat ke ribaNya dan setiap rebel aku dibalas dengan cinta dan perhatianNya.

Aku mungkin mewakili satu dalam 18 ribu manusia di muka bumi ini, yang punya terlalu banyak cita-cita, yang punya terlalu banyak impian, yang punya terlalu banyak harapan. Tetapi, aku juga adalah seorang manusia yang sangat takut terbang untuk mencapai apa yang aku inginkan. Aku takut jika aku terbang tinggi, bila diuji lalu aku tidak kembali pulang. Aku takut jika aku terbang tinggi, bila diuji lalu jatuh terhempas menyembah bumi. Kerana takut, aku tersangkut, antara terbang tinggi atau terapung dilantai bumi.

Aku mungkin mewakili satu dalam 18 digit manusia di muka bumi ini, yang keliru dalam kejelasan, yang samar dalam keterangan, yang celaru dalam ketenangan, yang sunyi dalam kebisingan, yang ego dalam ketundukan, yang putus asa dalam kesabaran. Sesuatu yang kontradik hidup di dalam kesamarataan. Seperti Mr Hyde yang hidup di dalam Dr Jekyll.

Aku mungkin mewakili mereka yang ingin bersuara, tetapi dirinya tidak mengizinkan dia untuk bersuara. Terlalu banyak persoalan yang ada dalam kotak kepala otak, tetapi persoalan itu bukan mahukan jawapan tetapi hanya hadir untuk menyerabutkan ruang fikiran. Its sound creepy kan? But, I know its exists. 

Benar, bukan?

Well, I guess its normal. Maybe. I am not sure. Because, at certain phase of human life, we will face the confusion moments that gives us confuse to what life is all about. Yea. We start asking why. Why this. Why that. We want to know badly the reason behind everything that happened in our life. And bla bla bla. Ain't?

It happens to me. NOW. I am scared of this phase. So, I start reading books and articles about human body, human hormones, human growth, human psychology and lots other. However, I found the fact that none of this can give a perfect guidance and guideline. Until something poked my lazy brain, hellyuu, why did Allah sends to us al-Quran and protects the book since 1400 years ago until now. Why? and for what? It must be something that our Creator wants us to know.

This morning I start to prepare my presentation,slide and speech materials because next week my lecturer will come and visit me at my workplace. So, when I was doing my slide presentation, I had to refer several books and references and also a manual of machine. When I look through the manual, somehow I realized every brand machine has different manual book even though the machine is using the same concept and principle of working for the machine to function. Different brands has different ways to handle. So the creator of the machine knows the best on how the machine is functioning, so it puts on manual so that the user knows how to use it.

It is same goes to us. If we totally believe Allah is our creator, we must believe the manual He writes for us. Yea al-Quran is the manual. Our creator knows what is best for us. Every guidelines is in there. We need to open, read, understand and act upon it. I need to open, read, understand and act upon it.

Tetapi, aku tahu untuk mulakan itu susah. Apatah lagi mahu kekal istiqamah. Huh. Aku pernah dengan ustaz kata, nak istiqamah ni, hati kena ikhlas. Hmm. Macam mana nak hati ikhlas eh? Sedangkan hati ni lah yang selalu lalai dan selalu buat dosa. Haih. Moga Allah bantu aku dan kamu. Sebab Dia saja yang pegang hati aku dan kamu. Moga Dia pegang erat sehingga dapat bertemu dengan Dia yang satu. Allah...


Nota Kaki: Tolong doakan saya untuk presentation saya minggu depan. Harap segalanya berjalan lancar. Doakan saya banyak-banyak tau!

Monday, August 7, 2017

when the patient collapsed in front of you

Last monday, I entered OT(operation theater) for the first time in my life. First of all, pre-entering to OT you need to change your cloth to hospital suit (scrubs =scrub suit). So, changing to that suit gives me a heaven feeling which I could not describe. You know what, with that scrubs I can pretend myself being a doctor there. And yea some staffs there did calling me doctor :p somehow I enjoyed that title for now on.

Back to OT first experience, I couldn't deny I felt anxious at first. Because I was informed by my colleague that day we would watching patient undergo operation for his heart. There was some blockage existed inside his blood vessel (thrombosis) So, I could imagine the 'red' thing would play the main role for that day. Yuiksss.

Before the operation started, we needed to wear lead suit to protect our body from radiation. Because the operation involved with fluoroscopy machine, a x-ray movie machine (in simple words). The machine used to screening patient's body so that the medical officer could see the organ inside the body.

Dr Beni wears lead suit. [source from Dr beni's instagram]
this how OT looks like

I just watched the operation from behind. 30 minutes early, everything was going smoothly. The patient was stable and the atmosphere was calming. I was focus to what they were working on.

But, suddenly patient collapsed! His bp (blood pressure) dropped. His ECG reading was not good. When MO (medical officer) called him, he did not respond. Suddenly, the scene I was watching at turned to a drama scene that I'd watched on TV. Everything looked tense and anxious.

'Cepat buat cpr. Cpr pt!.'-specialist beri arahan kat MO.
'Sediakan atropine'-specialist beri arahan lagi.
Tangan dia sedang berselirat dengan wire catheter.
Bacaan ecg pt sangat tak cantik. Bp drop. MO buat cpr kat pt.
One second.
Two second.
Three second.
'Nurse, on kan defibrillator'-specialist bersuara cemas.
Suasana jadi tegang seketika. Semua orang dalam ot nampak cemas.
Selepas beberapa saat kemudian, bp pt back to normal. Temperature stable. Bacaan ecg normal. Pt sedar semula.
"Encik, okey? Ada rasa sakit dada ke?"- MO tanya pada pt.
"Ok, cuma rasa tak larat sikit"-pt.
Semua dalam ot lega. Termasuk aku.

So, that was my first experience in ot. Its really gave me a goosebumps. My heart suddenly skipped beating. I did pray a lot for the safety of patient. And I realized how death is so close to us and it could happen anytime. Allah. I felt so small TT

Alhamdulillahi ala kulli hal especially for the great experience Allah had given to me. I am blessed to be able seeing this miracle. Allah is the greatest. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. Dr and teams, you did a great job!

Pt- patient
Bp-blood pressure
Ot- operation theater


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Don't leave any leftover

If I am getting fat, please blaming my soft spot of not being able to see any leftover. Uhh!

Since I was very young, I am very good at eating. I eat everything (i mean any cuisines that offered to me). I am not picky but easy going about food. I can say, I love eating and love to try everything. If you ask me to do a list likes and unlikes for foods, I would simply say I don't have unlikes list for food.

However, thing gets tough when my age increases. The food I ate didn't turn to energy as much as I was young. My metabolism is getting low. So do you know what it turn to? Yass, it turn to fat and I grow my fat rapidly than I grow my muscles. Its worried me sometime. It really does.

I am frustrated!

Having soft spot for food is becoming disaster sometime. I couldnt see food left untouched on table and being wasted. That is why, whenever I take my food on plate I always make sure myself to take the portion that I need and I able to eat. But, what makes it worse is when everyone around me did not practise what I have practised. So, it turns to, akulah yang terpaksa habiskan makanan diorang.

Eventhough, I'd already feel full. But, because of my soft spot that I cant see the food being throw into dustbin, i just eat their food anyway. I feel empathy. I feel bad to those who could not afford buying or having food for themselves or for their family.

I dont know how to educate people arround me. I seriously don't know the best way to tell them. "Lets eat the portion that we think we able to eat and finish it. Or lets just share our food to avoid any waste happen. Or lets just don't waste what is shouldn't be wasted." Huh.

Its just my thought. Hmm.

A lot of articles, I have read recently did you know how much food being wasted for a day, its bilion kg per day!! its truly hurt me, dude. Because with that amout of waste we can feed so many other people who are struggling to have proper meal in their daily life TT In africa, rohinya, palestine, Syria and even our own county in rural area, they sometime are struggling to eat at proper portion.

I am very clueless how selfish we could be as a human being. We are lacking with common sense. So, people let me tell you... If you couldnt afford to feed other people, if you couldnt have intention to think about other people's life, lets just don't be selfish and wasteful to your own self. Wasting food is really not cool!

Selain membazir itu adalah amalan syaitan, it (pembaziran) also train us to be less thankful to our Lord. Seriously. Lets be a better person-inch by inch. Because our generation civilization is depending on us. How we want to teach and civilize our children if we barely teach and civilize our own self? Get the point?


Monday, July 31, 2017

Pengalaman yang tidak akan dilupakan ketika di Aceh

Its been awhile, I haven't updated about travel. So, tonight I will force myself to at least update one post and share my experience. Since today I quite feel exhausted but I will try my best and give the best shot! Cewah! :p

If you haven't read this post [baca sini], you CANNOT continue to read this entry.

So, this is my last year trip to Aceh where I went there with a group of friends of mine. To me, Aceh is one of country that have very nice and lovely beach. I love Aceh because of the scenery and its history (and the foods also :p) Aceh is one of the place, I reflect myself how far I really understand the purpose of my life and how far I know my religion well, and act upon what my religion has taught me.

Basically, this post I want to highlight great moments and memories that I won't ever forget about Aceh. So, shall we start? :) 

Jangan tanya-tanya kalau tak nak

Sampai je kami di Aceh, kami terus cari pengangkutan yang boleh bawa kami ke Jeti Ulee Lheue. Dari jeti Ulee Lheue kami naik kapal untuk pergi ke Pulau sabang.

Bagi aku, di Malaysia, its normal to ask price for surveying. Yelah, nak compare harga untuk dapat the cheapest one. Tetapi, culture di Aceh tanya-tanya harga untuk survey ni tak normal dan boleh dikatakan biadap bagi mereka.

Once you tanya means you deal. Dah beberapa kali konflik ini terjadi sepanjang kami berada di sana. Stress weh bila nak jawab balik pertanyaan mereka kenapa kita tak jadi berurusan dengan mereka. Sedangkan pada masa tu kami just tanya harga je, belum ada dealing apa-apa. Dia orang punya buat muka bila kita tak nak perkhidmatan dia orang hmm tak payah nak cakap. Berkerut memanjang sampai kami rasa berdosa sangat tak berurusan dengan mereka.

Basically, benda ni memang terjadi dekat batang hidung aku sendiri. Masa kami nak pulang dari Pulau Sabang ke Banda Aceh, aku kena cari pengangkutan yang boleh bawa kami dari jeti Ulee Lheue ke Banda Aceh. So, aku ada dapat contact dari dua supir la. Supir R dan Supir A. One of it, supir yang pernah hantar kami dari airport ke Jeti Ulee Lheue masa hari pertama kami sampai, dia ni supir R.

So, aku tanya dua supir ni untuk tahu harga perjalanan. Dipendekkan cerita, supir A  tawarkan harga yang lebih murah dari supir R So, aku decide untuk guna khidmat supir A. And only God knows how dramatic that moment. Supir R ni macam tak boleh terima kenyataan yang kita orang tak guna khidmatnya sampai dia cari ke mana kita orang pergi. Dan orang yang jadi mangsa adalah aku. Dia memang cari aku. Nak jumpa aku. Nak face-to-face dengan aku. Dan nasib aku, dia ada no. phone aku. Memang tiap masa dia dok whatsapp aku tanya apa salah dia sampai aku tak nak deal dengan dia. Weh, serious annoying! Aku apa lagi masuk hari ketiga, aku terus block no. phone dia. And sampai Malaysia, dia still mention nama aku weh. Sebab next few weeks ada kawan aku yang lain pergi ke Aceh, dia orang terjumpalah dengan supir R ni masa kat airport. Supir R ni siap tanya, dia orang ni kawan aku ke. Hmm. Apalah nasib aku. Tapi, aku dah maafkanlah salah silap dia. Sebab akhir tahun lepas, aku format phone, pastu automatically whatsapp aku unblock no. phone dia (or sebenarnya dia pakai no. phone lain. Entahlah) Dia ada whatsapp aku, minta maaf dan tanya aku kat malaysia ke. Kalau datang Aceh lagi, contact la dia. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Duit hilang

One our first day in Aceh, sampai saja kami di airport Aceh. Masa tengah sibuk cari supir. Kami kehilangan duit travel kami. Kami syak mungkin ada pickpocket yang seluk duit dari beg kawan yang jaga duit travel kami masa dalam crowd. Tapi alhamdulillah, bukan semua duit yang hilang. Kawan aku dah asinglan duit by hari-hari. So yang hilang duit untuk hari pertama kami di sana. Sedih tapi kami belajar untuk berhati-hati selepas tu.

Bajet lari, banyak aktiviti kena cut down

Disebabkan kejadian kehilangan duit hari pertama, bila buat calculation semula, rupanya bajet dah lari sedikit. Ada beberapa aktiviti terpaksa di cancel. So, kami sit for short meeting untuk bincang macam mana nak solve problem. And me as leader at that moment memang pecah kepala macam mana nak susun semula dari bajet ke aktiviti untuk hari-hari seterusnya. Berapa amount yang boleh di-spend-kan, berapa yang kena cut down so that kami semua boleh survive untuk one week dan berapa jumlah kena tambah dari duit poket sendiri. 

Honestly, memang terasa stress masa tu tapi sebagai leader, aku belajar untuk handle stress and sentiasa kelihatan cool dan tidak melepaskan stress pada orang lain. Everyone comes here to learn. So, kami bincang elok-elok then susun balik itinerary. Alhamdulillah, semua kembali stable. Memang kena ada pengorbanan sedikit la, everyone kena keluarkan duit poket sendiri untuk back-up bajet yang dah lari. Masing-masing hulur mengikut kemampuan sendiri sebab memang ada some of us yang tak mampu sebab dia ikut trip ni cukup-cukup dengan duit yang dia dah prepare mengikut perancangan awal. Masa situasi ni, aku memang belajar banyak perkara terutamanya dari segi emosi. Sebab ini adalah trip pertama kali aku pergi dalam group yang besar. Well, masing-masing ada perangai tersendiri tetapi atas niat dan tujuan yang sama kami datang sini, itulah yang banyak menyatukan kami.


Sebelum kita orang (aku dan kawan2) sampai di Aceh, kami sudah survey beberapa tempat penginapan untuk kami tinggal sepanjang kami berada di Banda Aceh. Kami survey melalui internet. So ada satu homestay ni yang agak murah dan kawasan homestay itu berdekatan dengan tempat-tempat yang kami rancang nak pergi. Then, kami book tempat itu untuk 5 bilik secara online. Booking homestay ni kami buat sebulan sebelum nak pergi.

Masa hari kejadian, supir A yang bawa kami dari Jeti Ulee lheue ke tempat penginapan pelik kenapa kami memilih untuk tinggal di homestay berkenaan. Dipendekkan cerita, supir A beritahu homestay itu sebenarnya bukanlah seperti apa yang digambarkan dalam website. Dia cakap tempat itu sangat tak sesuai especially untuk muslimah.

At first kami macam tak percaya kata supir tu, so supir A pun bawak kami ke homestay tu untuk buktikan kata-kata dia. 

Wallahi, its horror weh! Memang tak serupa dengan apa yang digambarkan. No wonder la tempat ni murah. Homestay tu bukanlah buruk, cuma ia tak sesuai la untuk kami yang semuanya perempuan. Dengan bilik air berkongsi lelaki perempuan. Pastu tempat tu tak tertutup, orang luar simply boleh masuk je kawasan kita. (Mostly yang paling tempat ni backpacker matsalleh) So, bila dah tengok kawasan sekitar, kita orang decide nak cari tempat lain.

Tetapi, ada adegen yang tidak diingini berlaku. Orang homestay itu taknak lepaskan kami. Kata dia, kita dah deal dengan mereka. Then, bila kita tarik diri last minute macam ni seolah kita telah mencuri rezeki mereka. Orang homestay tu macam nak halang kami keluar dari homestay tu. Maka terjadilah drama sinetron masa tu, supir kami siap berlakon semata-mata nak melepaskan kami dari situasi tu. Cuak dan kelakar kalau diingatkan semula.

Kami berjayalah melarikan diri dari orang tu. Dan kami bersyukur dengan pertolongan supir kami, kami dapat selamatkan duit kami dan alhamdulillah supir kami juga tolong kami carikan homestay yang lebih better dari tempat tu. 


I feel sleepy now, so I need to sleep because tomorrow I have rotation early in the morning. I will update the continuation of the story as soon as possible. Hope, you guys can wait!


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dosa, Manusia dan Tuhan

Siapa yang hidupnya tidak pernah lari dari berbuat dosa?
Siapa yang hidup dia tidak pernah tercalit walau sekelumit dengan dosa?
Siapa yang hidupnya dapat jamin sehingga akhir hayatnya tidak akan dia berbuat dosa?

Pasti tiada

Dosa itu sangat sinonim dengan manusia
Dosa itu sangat tidak boleh berlekang dari manusia
Dosa dan manusia

Pernah tak
Kau rimas dengan dosa yang kau buat?
Kau rimas dengan dosa yang berulang kali kau buat meskipun sudah berulang kali juga kau janji tak akan lakukan lagi?

Pernah tak
Kau sesak dengan dosa yang sama sedang kau tahu itu dosa tapi kau tetap berbuatnya kembali?

Pernah tak
Kau rasa lelah dengan dosa yang kau tahu Tuhan sangat tidak suka kau membuatnya tetapi lemahnya iman kau sehingga kau ternoda kembali dengan dosa itu semula?

Aku pernah
Malah sering kali

Manusia itu sangat sinonim dengan dosa
Manusia itu sangat tidak boleh berlekang dari dosa
Manusia dan dosa

Ada tak
Kau rasa taubat yang kau buat sangat hipokrit gara-gara dosa yang kau buat lagi?

Ada tak
Kau rasa istigfar yang kau bisik dihati seolah seperti sang munafik yang tidak berpegang pada janji?

Ada tak
Kau rasa ikrar-ikrar yang kau taburkan untuk tidak akan ulangi dosa lagi seperti orang fasik yang tidak punya harga diri?

Aku pernah
Sering kali juga

Duhai hati yang sering berbolak balik
Sebentar dalam keta'atan, sebentar dalam kemaksiatan
Sebentar dalam kelurusan, sebentar dalam kecelaruan

Dosa dan manusia itu begitu sinonim
Tidak berpisah
Tidak juga berjauh

Mungkin saja sudah berulang kali Kau ingatkan
Jika manusia itu sinonimnya dengan dosa
Maka Tuhan itu sinonimnya dengan pengampun

Asal dosa, diampuni
Asal dosa, dikasihi
Asal dosa, disayangi
Asal dosa, dimaafi

Tuhan itu maha baik

Kenapa masih diragui?

Tuhan itu maha sudi

Kenapa masih menjauhi?

Persoalan-persoalannya tidak lagi pada Tuhan
"Kenapa" tidak harus dituju lagi pada Dia

Tetapi, aku
Kenapa aku masih begini?
Kenapa aku masih tidak sabar dalam keta'atan?
Kenapa aku masih gagal dalam kesabaran?
Kenapa aku masih bersikap menjauhi?

Mungkinkah, aku masih belum ikhlas menjadi hamba Dia? Masih rebel? Masih merasa diri bukan hamba?

Mungkinkah masih ada jawapan yang aku tidak ketahui? Jika, ya. Beritahulah aku.

Tuk tuk tuk
Heii iman..
Apa khabar dengan mu?


Monday, July 24, 2017

The Most Viewed Entry

Recently, I just clean up my draft box because of so many unfinished post I lazily to continue. Aku ada masalah untuk sambung menulis post-post yang aku sudah tinggalkan. Tak tahu kenapa habit aku macam ni, aku ada perasaan tidak suka menyentuh benda yang sudah terbiar. Rasa macam menyampah giler tengok kerja yang separuh siap. I just feel like wanting to punch my own face. Grrrr. So, I decided to remove all the leftovers post except few which I plan to post when the right time comes.

So, when scrolling down all my published entries, my eyes startled to one of my post which I wrote it about 3 years ago. [Baca di sini] About my experience when I was in matriculation back in 2013, this post in my early version of the matured Ainiey. If you ever follow me since the beginning of my writing journey, you would see significantly the revolution of me. Seriously! (But, I guess no one would follow me since then. Yea, who cares about you, Ainiey!) *shut down lap top*

Sometime, I would read back all my dummy posts and  I would chuckle to my immatured version of me. How funny I could be! No, it's not funny. It is just dummy me! However, at one point I realize, how fast time flies and now I am growing up and growing older! Yeah since I've already started drinking Anlene to repair my fragile bone, and consumed collagen to maintain elasticity for my baby skin, and only god knows how engineering makes my hair grey. I don't know either this happens because of my age or my shampoo is so bad. So, to all my juniors, you should count this as one of the excuses why you shouldn't take engineering as your life. HAHAHA. No, I am just kidding. Engineering is fantastically fun! Trust me! :D

I am sorry because taking you to another world, back to the real topic, where do we stop? *let me read back my previous paragraph*

The reason I don't delete my old post, is I need it as reference and reminder. Sometime, when I feel down I will read back my old writings. It is somehow give my strength back, lift up my positive thought and drive my step forward. That is why, I like to write positive things because I need it in my negative time. I always repeatedly say to myself every words I write in public, is specifically I dedicate those words directly to myself. Not to other. But, if other people can get benefit from it, I will be thankful.

[This post] is the most viewed post all the time, it reached almost 2000 viewer. Usually, the number rise when the matriculation result came out. Well, I hope this not-so-helping-post, do really initiate the spirit of my young juniors out there to bravely pursue their dreams. Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. You don't know how much closer between you and success if you give up now.

Today, I can pat shoulder of my old version of me. Because of she decided to not giving up, I am now at better position which I never could imagine once ago. Alhamdulillahi ' ala kulli nikmah. Hopefully, this current version of me will not disappointed the future version of me. May He guides me and ease my journey.

A book that crawls into your soul and never go out


Sunday, July 23, 2017

What kind of engineer I want to be

Bila berkerja dibidang yang bukan dari bidang yang aku belajar, satu benda yang aku acknowledge, ilmu yang aku ada sekarang sangat sangat sangat sangat sangatttt sikit. Di HUKM, setiap hari aku belajar benda baru. Kalau bukan dari rakan praktikal, dari staff yang bekerja di sana, atau dari doktor-doktor yang bertugas atau dari pesakit yang kita assist, mereka semua memberi pengajaran dan knowlegde baru setiap hari pada aku.

Setelah sebulan lebih berada di sini, aku banyak bersyukur dengan nikmat yang Allah beri pada aku. Pertama sekali, bila dapat peluang berkhidmat pada masyarakat walaupun sebenarnya apa yang aku beri tu sangat-sangat tak bernilai pun tapi aku rasa sangat seronok dapat tolong mereka. Jujur, aku mungkin tak akan dapat merasa peluang ini jika Allah takdirkan aku buat praktikal di dalam industri.

Kedua, setiap hari aku akan cuba duduk sebentar dan beriman sejenak akan nikmat kesihatan yang Allah telah beri pada aku selama 22 tahun aku hidup ini. Bila setiap hari tengok orang sakit, aku cuba jentik hati aku untuk selalu rasa syukur, "Ya Allah terima kasih Kau beri kesihatan pada aku hari ini." Aku akan cuba ulang ayat ini setiap hari. Ada orang pernah cakap kat aku, kesihatan ini seperti makhota dan ia hanya dapat dilihat oleh orang yang sakit.

Di jabatan radiologi ni, tidak sikit pesakit cancer yang datang untuk buat medical imaging dan diagnostic. Ada yang cancer stage dua, ada yang dah stage empat, ada yang orang tua, ada juga yang budak kecil, ada cikgu, ada juga pangkat professor, ada cancer otak, ada yang cancer sudah merebak ke serata anggota. Allah hu rabbi. Tapi, rata-rata pesakit yang aku jumpa, tidak pernah loket membalas senyuman aku. 

Orang cakap persekitaran di sini, luar dari suasana kejuruteraan dan ada juga orang kata bila aku decide buat praktikal di hospital aku tak akan dapat bina potensi aku dalam bidang aku. Tapi sebenarnya tidak! Justeru aku lebih tahu dan lebih faham, what kind of engineer I want to be in future. Berada di sini aku dekat dengan masyarakat, aku discover keperluan mereka, aku encounter masalah-masalah yang dihadapi mereka dan sebagai future engineer suatu hari nanti aku akan cari jalan penyelesaian kepada masalah yang di hadapi mereka. InsyaAllah.

Aku masih ingat lagi, hari pertama aku jejakkan kaki di UTM, seorang alumi UTM yang bekerja sebagai senior engineer pernah beritahu, engineer ini dilahirkan untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang dihadapi masyarakat dalam kehidupan seharian mereka dari se-basic masalah sehingga masalah yang besar. Kerja kita mencari solusi dan bertindak. Selalu cari peluang untuk belajar perkara baru, jika tidak jumpa, maka ciptalah peluang itu. Jadilah engineer thinks without the box. (Not out of the box)

Sampai hari ini, aku akan pegang dengan kata-kata itu. Di mana pun, Allah letakkan aku. Aku bercita-cita untuk jadi benih yang menumbuhkan akar, pohon, ranting dan daun-daun yang berguna untuk agama dan sesiapa saja yang berhampiran aku. Hopefully, every one can get benefit from me even just a particle of kindness. Amin. InsyaAllah


Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to create an APP for android

As final year student-to-be, I am preparing myself for Final Year Project that I will be doing for my last two semesters. So, I have already started to plan what type of project I will run because of I have very limited time. Basically, in e&e engineering it has three type of project we can do; prototype, software or research based.

Prototype means student needs to build a hardware

Ni projek tahun tiga aku. Aku buat smart wheelchair using voice recognization. 
Wheelchair ni bergerak menggunakan arahan suara

Hasilnya, you guys can play video below.

Software means student has to create application that can be used by smartphone.

Image result for electronic final year project software

Research usually student will collect data, analyzing, doing experiment and others.

Aku nak cerita sikitlah, masa aku tengah cari maklumat pasal software dan cara-cara nak bina app kat smartphone untuk pengguna android, aku terjumpa ada satu website yang menyediakan cara nak buat app secara free. Sangat mudah weh!

Ni nama website tu

Ni antara jenis-jenis apps yang kau boleh buat

Contoh kalau aku nak buat apps pasal website AH Blog, aku hanya perlu click kat website, then masukkan url blog, pastu edit dan touch up. SIAP! As simple as that. Tapi kalau nak lagi kemas dan power, kena pandai main dengan HTML coding.

Ni contoh aku buat simple app untuk AH Blog

Kalau dah siap, dah preview dan dah puas hati. Akhir sekali, aku boleh publish app aku kat APPSTORE. Untuk pengetahuan, bila dah publish app tu di APPSTORE, setiap kali orang download app yang aku buat, aku boleh dapat income. APPSTORE yang akan bayar kat aku. Lumayankan? Boleh buat side income.

Boleh tonton video "How to publish"

Cuma, sebelum aku nak publish app kat APPSTORE, aku kena register dulu dan kena buat account di APPSTORE. Dan sekali register, kena bayar 25US dollar bersamaan RM108. Barulah boleh publish app tu. Buat app free, publish app kena bayar.

Tetapi, kalau app yang dibuat itu memang bagus dan digunakan oleh orang ramai, ramai orang download, bayaran RM108 tu celah gigi je. Cuma nak buat app yang bagus tu perlukan kemahiran dan kesenian sikitlah supaya target customer tu tercapai. Biasa app user friendly ni ramai orang suka.

Contoh, dulu lazada sebelum ada app kat smartphone, meraka hanya bina website je, tapi bila dah upgrade dan nak tarik lagi ramai pelanggan serta nak permudahkan urusan customer, mereka bina app pula.

Ni lazada website version

Ni lazada app version
Kantoi selalu shopping kat lazada >___<

Hopefully, this entry is useful for those who ever ask how to build a simple app. But, of course there have some other methods to build an application. This is one of the simplest way to build an app especially for beginner. However, this method only applicable for android user only, for iOS you need to find other app builder to create an app but I think the fundamental is still the same.

Untuk yang bakal buat FYP, all the best for you guys and may Allah ease everything! Doakan aku juga tau. Thank you for reading!


Friday, July 21, 2017

I couldn't be prouder

As daughter of an engineer, I may have greatest influence from my parent, but in 22 years of my life, my parent never force me to do what I want to do, they never decide things for me, they never expect me to be like what other's children be and they never have negative assumption with the journey I decided to walk through.

I would lie if I said I never make wrong decision in my life. I swear I did, but honestly I never regret it. From wrong decision, I learned how to fix things up and do it wisely later on. From failure, I learned how to be strong and to fight again. Every single experiences and moments that Allah sent to my path, I believe it is a learning process to know myself better, to discover my hidden potential and to be closer to the one who created me.

Technically, my family is technical based background except my mom (she is super woman) and my younger sister because she is still in secondary school and will be seated for PT3 exam. Other members, insyaAllah we are in the same wagon. Weeehuuuu. And our role model is my father. Whoever knew my father would recognize, he is a quiet man with ambitious mind. He always do something to his fullest and never do any tasks or jobs or projects halfway. He is a persistent man and I dare to say, whoever worked with him would like how he's done his job.

I secretly admire my dad the way he responded to problem and the way he proposed the solution, never did he threw any bad words or negative thoughts to other person. He always find win-win solution if it involved with two prides and sometime when the problem still couldn't be settled, he would be the one who sacrificed himself. I couldn't be prouder to have him as my father. I even couldn't notice how amazing he is actually. Because to be honest I didn't really know him very much when I was young. Now, as I am growing older, my image about my dad became clearer.

Things happened like this because of my dad's job is at project site. If his project happened to be at terengganu, so he had to work there. If his project happened to be at sarawak, so he had to go there. He went to wherever project took him. And now, at the furthest place; South Korea. When me and my brothers were still young, we would follow where my dad go. But, as we've grown up and we needed to go to school so my dad decided to stay at one place and let him be away alone.

Since I was 10 years old, we have lived seperately. We barely have time together, no daughter-father chit-chat moments, no father's hugs and kisses for my achievements, no family celebration for birthday and no attendance for report card since he worked distant from us. I haven't have enough time to know him personally. I grew up as teenager without my dad around me but alhamdulillah Allah really protect and secure me, even though I haven't have enough attention from my dad (as a man) during my teenager phase but Allah didn't turn my heart to find any attention from other man. Maybe, my dad did pray a lot for me and my safety, I guess. I never have boyfriend in my life and I still be happy.

Now, I am becoming an elder woman but in the eyes of my dad, I am still his little daughter. The moment I started knowing him personally is after 19 years I live in this world, it happened while I spent my summer break at Korea and stayed with my dad for one month. Yea, that was my first experience having daughter-father chit-chat moment. It was fascinating! We went to aquaria together, we went to military museum together, we ate Uzbek's dished together, we had not-so-candlelight dinner together, we went to shopping for just two of us and many things we did together. When he went to work, I would cook and did laundry. 

He is not talkative person but he is a good listener. He is not sweet dad but he is the most caring daddy. My dad has military background as he was graduated from Royal Military College (RMC) so basically, he is a discipline father with a soft-hearted. When I was in Korea, the best memonts is I had a heart-to-heart conversation with him, when he said how he respects and loves my mom as he is being away from family and letting my mom settled everything by her own; taking care us, house core, expense and budget. He felt glad to have my mom as his wife. Yea, I could say everything she did by her own.. Hmm.

Indeed, I have a superwoman mom. I am blessed with her presence too.

Talking about my dad, something unpredictable happened to myself. Last week, my dad whatsapp-ed me and do you know what happen? Out of sudden, he asked me

His question "Pak we doc mcmana?" gave me a goosebumps all over my body. Where did he gets this information? How did he knows? Why so sudden? All the questions come like a bullet in my mind. Fuh.. Fuh.. Inhale..Exhale..Inhale..Exhale.. Well, if you know how to control your adrenaline rush, everything will be settle down onto its place. Eicehhh.

My dad is very particular about the things he wants to say. No empty talk, no rubbish chatting. Everything out from his mouth is important and informative. Or else, he is just keep silent. Back to whatapps conversation, whenever the conversation started like this, I knew something serious was happening. And before the conversation got more serious, I better put my hands up. Who knows a soft-hearted father probably turns to a stern sergeant if it involves with his daughter's happiness.

Moral of the story: Don't expect your father didn't know what you do. Just be a good girl if you want to be safe. Stay safe and stay cool, guys!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

The reason I choose engineering

CT Scan internal part

After completing my matriculation level, I had a bit dilemma in choosing what field I wanted to further my study. My mom really wanted me to be a teacher, she said that profession suits for lady. She worried I would follow my dad's step because she had strong instinct I would do so. But, my dad is very natural. He said pursue whatever you want but don't do it halfway.

Even though, I didn't really into with physics but I found chemistry between me and electrical. I realized during my matriculation, I love that chapter very much. All the formula at my fingertip. I also keep all my secondary school notes for electricity chapter and even compiled it neatly (for future used I guessed) but I didn't do it to any other chapters. So, from that, when I filled up UPU online registration, I put electrical as my majoring study.

So, when choosing field at UPU online registration, it had four options for Research University and eight options for non-research university, I put electrical electronic engineering as my first and second choices but at different university. Then biomedical engineering as my third and fourth choices. This application is for Research University. Another eight options, I choosed electrical in science, landscape in architecture and many more. Along the waiting period before the result announced, I did istikharah prayer, hoping for Allah gave what is best for me in the eye of Him. I trust everything Allah decides for me, He knows the best for His slave. 

The result came out and I got the first choice of UPU's application. And guess who was the one felt happy but at the same time felt worried? Yah, my mom. She disbelieved I choosed engineering at last. But, I tried to convince her with so many excuses and finally she gave her blessing for my decision. Yeah!

Honestly, I never have a dream to take engineering as my study, not even my ambition to be an engineer. From my early age, I wanted to be a pilot or maybe an architect because for me that job is super cool. Don't you think so? But... Who knows right? HEHEHE. Well, I believe Allah's plan is much much much better.

Six semesters already completed, another two semesters waiting me ahead. So far, I enjoy being an e&e engineering student. I never thought engineering world is fun (as if you don't have bunch of assignments, late night tests and multiple projects at one time). Especially, when you see how technologies grow in your palm. And your electronic devices being used by diverse people to ease their daily life. The feeling is like a mother gives birth to her child, it's hurt but the feeling is undescribable happy.Its tough but you will feel contented.

Now, I am still struggling to complete my degree in electrical electronic engineering. I hope everyone who reads this post can shoot some duá for my success. Another two semesters to go. I hope I will be able to complete my degree study on time with flying colour. May your duá bounce back to you, insyaAllah.

For my juniors who want to pursue engineering but feeling hesitated to do so, or to those my juniors who already study in engineering but wanting to give up, my advice is whenever you see no way out, Pray to Allah and trust yourself. Don't ever look giving up is an option. Just walk because when Allah allows you to it, He will make you through it. 

Footnote: Sometime you just need to close your eyes and let the wind drives your steps, with a hope the wind is purposely sent from the Almighty all the way to your journey. Hmm... I mean, just keep walking! (if you don't get my metaphor :D)


Monday, July 17, 2017

Engineer di hospital

Hari ini masuk minggu ke enam aku berada di jabatan radiologi sebagai pelajar praktikal. Ramai orang yang pelik macam mana pelajar kejuruteraan boleh buat internship placement di hospital. Pelik tetapi benar! Basically, aku sudah cerita [boleh baca di sini] macam mana aku boleh tercampak seorang diri di hospital walaupun at first, aku rasa tak berapa sure nak stay here. Tapi, pejam celik sebulan telah pun berlalu dengan begitu pantas dan tinggal lagi 6 minggu sahaja lagi aku akan mengakhiri latihan industri disini. Woah!

Sepanjang aku berada di sini, banyak benda baru aku belajar. Selain enviroment di hospital ini yang memang asing bagi aku, aku belajar banyak ilmu-ilmu baru yang asing dan luar dari bidang kejuruteraan. I feel glad and grateful to be given an opportunity to be here and being lingering around with so many people and colleagues which I barely get this chance back in UTM.

Doing internship in hospital specifically at radiology department is quite tougher than I thought because of my majoring knowledge is engineering based and what I have learned in class during previous semesters is something different with what I am working now. It is related but it is something more to application to what I have learned before.

Di sini aku tidak mengadap circuit, tidak mengendalikan AC/DC generator, tidak menjumpai resistor/capacitor/inductor, tidak bermain dengan coding dan software, tidak ada encounter dengan control system problem and proposed solution, tidak bersentuh dengan elektronik components/instrument, tidak pening kepala buat troubleshoot and analysis pada complex circuit dan sudah pastinya tiada renjatan elektrik..

Apa yang ada di sini, several complete machines come with its own user friendly software, buku dan data internet untuk cari matlumat tentang function dan procedure untuk sesuatu modaliti yang ada di jabatan radiologi. Di sini aku banyak membaca dan membaca dan membaca. To be honest, I hate reading facts information especially information with lots of lots of words and I cannot stand with a thick non-fiction book that has very small fonts, its hurting my eyes! But, after several weeks doing the same thing, now I can get used to this new routine.

I can say, doing internship here has pros and cons. But, as future engineer I don't want to look the weakness side and being drowned for its disadvantage instead I try to find the oppurtunity that can improve myself, skills and knowledges. As if there is no opportunity and space to learn new things then I take a risk to create the oppurtunity and set my own goals to achieve. Be brave and independent to try new thing is my motto here. Hehehe.

Alhamdulillah. Everything is from Allah blessings. I don't expect anything when I come here. I don't expect what they can give to me instead I do the math to what I already give to them and to me myself yeah that is the most important thing I guess. I have a lot of stories I want to share but as for now I just be able to write this first.

My experiences face with different community, various background study and profession levels in one building is the priceless experience I would ever have. Knowing doctor life is another point of view that changes my perspective and yea lots of things I really want to share here. InsyaAllah. Doakan aku sentiasa berada dalam good state of spiritual and physical condition. I am still struggling to be a better one. Hope AH Blog reader be at good state as well.


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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Do not stop to know yourself

I had read an article about Q.U.A.I.N.T.R.E.L.L.E. which insists me to share something with AH World. Have you ever heard this word before? Nah? If not, (I hope you don't know!) please allow me to throw some pieces of my thoughts about the meanings behind this term. Ehem.

QUAINTRELLE is a term that defines a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and a cultivation of life's pleasures.

Basically, QUAINTRELLE stands with five pillars

  • A life of passion
  • Personal style
  • Leisurely pastimes
  • Charm
  • Cultivation of life's pleasures

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A life of passion
What is life without passion? More important than money or status, passion is the driving force for a fulfilling and beautiful life. What are your passions? (Yes, you can have more than one!) Whether it’s literature, film, art, travel or food, the quaintrelle makes pursuing her multiple passions a priority in her daily life. She dedicates her working life to a subject she is passionate about and cultivates relationships with those she feels passionate towards.

Personal style
Ah, style. The grown-up sister of fashion. While fashion is fast, frivolous and (ultimately) futile, style says something about the woman you are. How you present yourself shows creativity, individuality, and self respect. And it’s not just about how you dress, either – style shows up when you pen a handwritten note, decorate your home, and wrap up a gift for a loved one. Every moment in life is a chance to express your personality and creativity through your personal style.

Leisurely pastimes
A leisurely pastime is anything you find both enjoyable and relaxing – reading a good book, sipping a hot cup of herbal tea, taking a scented bubble bath at the end of a tiring day, or going for a brisk half hour walk through the local park. These are just some of my leisurely pastimes. What is it for you? A quaintrelle will always make room for fun in her schedule, whether it’s a tennis match, meeting a friend for coffee, or perusing a new art exhibition.

Everyone can be charming, but it’s a muscle you have to stretch and train. Flirting, actually, is just being charming – but you can do it with anyone! Friends, colleagues, the barista at your local coffee shop – everyone. Smile, compliment, and be charming – others will naturally be drawn to you. Charm isn’t sleazy or false – be honest but kind, be a good listener, and make whoever you’re talking to feel like they’re the most important person in your world – that’s charm.

Cultivation of life’s pleasures
In other words, the little things – watching the sunrise on a dewy spring morning, taking your first sip of red wine on a Friday night, or downloading the latest episode of your favourite podcast. When you practice gratitude and celebrate the little things, life becomes richer and even more fulfilling. I like to keep a small notebook on my bedside table, and each night before going to sleep, I fill a page with a list of things I’m grateful for – big or small.

passion + style + leisure + charm + pleasure = quaintrelle.

From the article I read, I realize I AM A QUAINTRELLE! After 22 years old I live, I just discovered whom I am. It is still not too late to know myself, right? :) 

The only way to love my own self, is, by knowing whom I am. We cannot love something we don't know. right? Like the saying goes,"Tak kenal, maka tak cinta. Tak kenal, maka ta'aruf la."

Same goes to a long last relationship. I did ask my mom how to get a long last relationship and the love that never fade away. My mom said "Keep knowing and keep learning new things about your partner/friends no matter how long you have been together, because naturally people change, that is why you need to know them every day."

Though, I never in relationship hehe, but I agree with my mom.

Know. Learn. Love.
Do it everyday.
And that is how QUAINTRELLE lives her life.