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Pernah bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang juruterbang wanita pertama Malaysia, tetapi sangat mencintai dan ingin mendalami ilmu biologi, namun telah dipanggil untuk menyahut cabaran dalam bidang seni bina walaubagaimanapun telah ditakdirkan menyambung kehidupan sebagai mahasiswi kejuruteraan elektrik-elektronik ketika ini. [3rd year survivor of electrical & electronic engineering student]


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

12 tahun yang lalu


my very first love,
the day, I started love plane, aviation, crew cabin n even pilot!!
just because after I watched this drama..

12 years back you know
when I was in standard two!
waoh!! how time flies so fast

i just couldn't imagine how old I am  now!

but, along the 12 years
I already forget my dream
the moment I love so much sky and I really want to travel over the world

what a pondering journey?
*idk the correct adjective i used*

ps: who care meh?

let me story, how I mean to found with this drama again
last Tuesday, I went to cinema with my buddy and before the movie started
there were some a very long and quite annoying ads before the movie began
but, suddenly my ear caught a very familiar song,
the song I missed long long time ago,

I almost cried okey!!

and it was the song of  my favourite drama

the drama that build my dream back then,
but I already forget due to urmmm huhhhh I dont know.

but, now I am really glad, Ive found it back..
though, maybe I couldnt manage to fulfill my dream,
to become a pilot
-my first ambition when I was kid
it's okey!

Allah has planned something wonderful ahead for me, yea?
I still love sky and to travel over the world is still my dream of dreams!

I already downloaded the dramas..
it has already two seasons
and insyaAllah, in February there will be coming up TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES MOVIE!


for sure, I will watch it!

okey, baii!!

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