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Pernah bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang juruterbang wanita pertama Malaysia, tetapi sangat mencintai dan ingin mendalami ilmu biologi, namun telah dipanggil untuk menyahut cabaran dalam bidang seni bina walaubagaimanapun telah ditakdirkan menyambung kehidupan sebagai mahasiswi kejuruteraan elektrik-elektronik ketika ini. [3rd year survivor of electrical & electronic engineering student]


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back To Reality

Bismillahirahmanirahim.. It has been for long time I didn't write anything here.. Swear! I miss you baby bloggie.. Urm, i'm not disappeared..just take time for nap and rest.. Acctually i have something, that i really wanna share with u.. Gaint secret!! I didnt know with who i want to share..just for this time I could remember u.. I have Allah..yes, He always beside me when I asked Him for it..but for this case, i need to push out all the feeling, thinking and wondering away from my here.. U know the person whom I had loved him once upon time ago.. He come back to my life.. I dun know how I should face that situation..I pretended like nothing happend..but, I cant..the feeling is deadly strong!! It's make me down.. I try to stand back but the burden always keeping me down and down..BUT I surely enough, Allah wouldnt let His servent down and sad for long time..I keep saying in my heart: Even though YOU always make me CRY, it doesn't mean I can't survive KEEP STRONG AINI!!!!!

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